Ballet Classes

Ballet Essentials

Beginner Ballet, focusing on arm and feet position.

Ballet C

Basic Ballet with understanding of waist and feet positioning, learning to incorporate arms (teacher referral).

Ballet I

A full understanding of arms and legs (teacher referral).

Ballet II

More advanced ballet (teacher referral).

Ballet III

Highest level ballet (teacher referral).

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet combined with Worship.

Boys Ballet

Teaches young men basic Ballet technique, which includes being able to demonstrate secure classical posture, weight placement and turn-out.  They will also demonstrate an ability to perform with increasing confidence, awareness of the audience, and dynamic responsiveness to the music.



All ballet classes are $60.00 for 1.5 hour class

Additional classes are $55.00 for 1 hour class

Discount Packages

Packages are available for 3 or more classes.  Inquire within.