Tech Classes

Stretch & Strengthening

Exercise and stretching class for the serious ballerina
(4th grade & up).


Dance training on pointe shoes for the advanced Ballerina
(teachers referral).

Jumps, Leaps, and Turns

Focuses on the Jumps, Leaps & Turns necessary for Ballet.


Focuses on the coordination and support of dancers working together as a pas de deux (pair) through movements so the audience remains unaware of the mechanics.
This class will be taught in a ballet/contemporary format.
Pointe shoes may be used but not required.


Ballet II and III students will be introduced to the classic choreography of ballets such as Don Quixote, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.  Students will gain knowledge of many famous ballets while learning how to execute the variations. 
This class builds strength, poise, and awareness of the true aspects of performing.

Pilates Fitness

Physical fitness - Fat burning, mat work, aerobics, and Pilates ball workout in conjuction with weights.



All ballet classes are $60.00 for 1.5 hour class

Additional classes are $55.00 for 1 hour class

Discount Packages

Packages are available for 3 or more classes.  Inquire within.